A U.S. and Canadian cross-border tax boutique.

Understanding and complying with your U.S. and Canadian tax obligations, specifically in a cross-border context

You are our clients.

Individual, corporation, partnership, estate and trust of all sizes

We provide personalized and tailored assistance to U.S. and Canadian individuals and entities but also to other accounting professionals, financial advisors and their clients.

We are a small business and we are cognizant of your costs as much as we are of ours. Year after year, we start building trust by making the same promise to all our clients: our quote will be our invoice.


We are your U.S. and Canadian cross-border tax consultants.

Since 2010, from tax filings and planning to outsourced services


Tax Compliance.

There is more to preparing your tax returns than filling out forms and targeting a recovery rate. We will invest the time to understand your unique situation and to assure that your tax compliance obligations are identified, explained and met.


Tax Advisory.

There is more to advising than researching and signing off a technical letter. No matter the type or the size of your request, we will convey to you, in person and layman's terms, our findings, your options and your risks, all at a reasonable cost.


Fractional | Outsourcing.

There is more to tax than a deadline. We will become part of your tax or financial team, virtually or in person, bringing our experience and network of resources at a fraction of the cost of hiring internally and without a fixed or long-term commitment.